"The reflection and questions the Discipline workbook incited drew out personal revelations about many areas of discipline in my life. It promoted action, prompted change and promised victory in areas I have regularly fallen short - not because I became so great, but because I was taught how great Jesus is. Jesus-centered ambition will always trump self-centered action." - Kelly Wendorff 

Some books are meant to be read, and some are meant to be studied. Discipline: The Glad Surrender, by Elisabeth Elliot, is definitely one of those books meant to be poured into and studied from cover to cover. And I absolutely LOVED having the she works His way Discipline Workbook this summer to help me dig into it more thoroughly. The workbook pulled out truth bombs and nuggets, forced me to really self reflect, and enabled me to grow as a wife, Mama, and business owner as I dug into it and honestly answered the questions and applied it to my life. I'm super thankful for this workbook and know it's a resource I will use over and over again as I seek to live a more disciplined life! - Liz Patton

Discipline Workbook - Digital Download

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Please keep in mind: this is not a stand-alone study. In order to fill in the blanks + truly understand the reflection questions, you will also need a copy of Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot.  

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