Conversational Commentary on Acts | Chapters 1 + 2

For all of our Kingdom builders (that’s you!) - we’re so excited to offer another commentary to our collection!

ACTS: Gospel Mission Then and Now

Acts tells of the acts or the actions of the apostles as they were led by the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended into heaven. It tells the story of the explosive growth of the early church and the expansion of the gospel. The same Holy Spirit that was alive and active then is alive and active now. The same mission that began then is the same mission every believer is still part of now. 

This conversational, verse-by-verse breakdown of Acts with group discussion tagged on at the end of each chapter is the perfect resource for your small group in the new year (or really, any time of year). Or maybe it’s just an added bonus to your personal quiet times each morning.

Either way - if you’ve talked about going deeper into Scripture, this is your how!

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